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  • Kickstarting...

    We promised it would come soon, so here it is... T+B's official blog! We are extremely excited to share the latest updates with you, plus any other musings we think you may revel in! 
    Since money doesn't grown on trees (to our discontent!), we are currently working on re-working our 2013 SS collection to fit our budget! Doing this with paper Monopoly money is only allowing us to get so far... thus far! 
    We desperately want to thrive in the fashion world without compromising who we are or the quality of our garments, so although it has been, and will continue to be, an ongoing process, we thank those of you who have been following or checking in periodically! Thank you for your ongoing support. It truly means the world to us here at Tutu+Betz :)
    We will be selling our SS13 collection online only and will have limited edition pieces for purchase to fund our FW14 collection. It will be our own Kickstarter if you will! I've been working on selecting fabrics light enough for the season in NYC. We know we'd all ather wear next to nothing when it comes to riding the subway mid-Summer with 100% humidity!